What to Expect from OTC in 2021

I was posting stuff about food until Boxing Day and then I fell off the radar because keeping up with a relentless social media machine was far less important than being with my children. We’ve watched telly in our pajamas, played games and made jigsaws, been for walks and read books. It’s been such a special and necessary time at the end of such an unpredictable year. We’ve been peaceful and together.

I had so many incredible and thoughtful gifts this Christmas including two beautiful custom-made aprons from friends I am so lucky to have in my life. I had a stack of cookbooks which have re-inspired me to try new things and beautiful new serving dishes that will appear soon in my photography. Paul had a beautiful aebleskiver pan (a type of Danish pancake) from his Mom thus my diet has been 42% aebleskiver! So even though I haven’t been producing stuff for OTC I have been researching and getting inspired!

Aebleskiver are little balls of pancake heaven!

I’ve felt the odd pang of guilt that I haven’t been posting because I like to feel like I’m achieving something (a positive trait and utterly crippling at times) but since my PND diagnosis I’m learning how to rest. I don’t always find it an easy thing to do. I can relax with my family and friends but rest is something else. I’ve got a post coming soon about active resting. So now that I feel more rested what can you expect from OTC this year?!

Family One Pot Meals
Meals that are complete in one pot. See Meals
What My Kids Eat Each Week
There is a regular pattern to what my kids eat in the week to make my life easy. Read Here
Ways to Reduce Food Waste
You might be throwing things out that can actually be eaten. See Ideas Here
How to Plan a Week’s Worth of Food
A guide to how meal planning can save you time, effort and money. Read Here
Cupboard Chat
Recipes that answer your questions about how to use up what’s in your cupboards.
Gluten Free
Family-friendly meals for gluten-free eating. See Meals Here
Follow the Plot
You can grow along with me as I show you how I grow some of my most useful veggies in a small plot at home. Read Here

I am always interested in what you need help with in the kitchen so please get in touch via Facebook or Instagram. I’m looking forward to how OTC unfolds in 2021 and so grateful you’re coming along with me.


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I'm the writer at One Tough Cooker. My experience with post-natal depression has shaped my appreciation for the family cook. We make thousands of meals to feed our families' tummies, hearts and minds.

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