Cooking for a family of 4 means you create an average of 1200 dinners a year. Chuck in breakfast and lunches and you’re a catering powerhouse making over 3 thousands meals.

you’re one tough cooker!

Parenting is hard enough without guilt marketing shaming fish fingers. No matter what you eat, family meal times are a vital time that can improve our mental and social health. There’s so much more happening at mealtimes than just eating.

I’m Claire, the author of One Tough Cooker and like millions of others I cook the family meals. The family cook makes hundreds of meals each year, which means thinking of what to cook, what to buy and then making it. It’s a huge job that feeds the tummies, hearts and minds of the people we love most. Home cooks are amazing so I’m here to help and celebrate you.

Foods that boost mental well-being appear a lot in my recipes. My SIX SUPERFOODS have helped my body and mind heal and they’re easy to incorporate to daily dishes.

I have quick recipes for hectic evenings when everyone is grumpy and slow recipes for rainy weekends when you’re cozy at home. There are no bad foods, just variety and balance.