Crispy Chicken Burger

Paul loves a Crispy Chicken Burger so I have a few in my repertoire and this is the easiest one. There’s very little prep and the actual cooking is incredibly fast, just 30 seconds each side. I use my trusty chicken seasoning mix to season the flour. A Crispy Chicken Burger has to have lettuce for me but otherwise I’ll add any toppings I fancy at the time. Cheese, pickles, tomatoes add whatever you like. I always use my burger sauce because it adds just the right sweet, acid, salt and smoke to any burger.

Chicken Checklist
Chicken contains selenium which is a crucial chemical for brain health. It helps us feel more balanced which is crucial for those with depression.

Serves 2 Adults & 2 Kids

2 large chicken breasts
150g breadcrumbs (white or golden)
150g plain flour
2 tbsp chicken seasoning
2 eggs
750ml vegetable oil

  • Tip the breadcrumbs and chicken seasoning into a bowl and whisk to combine. Tip the flour into another bowl then whisk the two eggs together in a third bowl.
  • Slice the chicken breasts in half horizontally then dip each piece in the flour, then egg then breadcrumbs in turn. Make sure you cover the chicken completely in each component.
  • Put the vegetable oil in a large, shallow skillet on a medium high heat. Drop a small piece of white bread in the oil and if it sizzles then the oil is ready. Carefully slide each piece of chicken into the pan and cook for 30-45 seconds on each side until it’s golden then remove from the oil onto kitchen roll to drain.
  • Spread the burger sauce on the buns then top with whatever fillings you like and top with the crispy chicken fillets.


Published by One Tough Cooker

I'm the writer at One Tough Cooker. My experience with post-natal depression has shaped my appreciation for the family cook. We make thousands of meals to feed our families' tummies, hearts and minds.

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