Dinosaur Egg Rolls

In my never-ending mission to sneak vegetables into Henry’s diet I landed on the idea of Dinosaur Egg Rolls. You might be familiar with my regular Ham and Egg Rolls and this is simply a spinach-infused version of that quick dish. I believe in honest parenting except when it comes to the elaborate stories I tell Henry around where these ‘green eggs’ come from. He asked me if I ordered the eggs from Jurassic Park and I said “Yes, yes I do.” With wide eyes he happily ate the lot dipped in buckets of ketchup.

Post-Natal Superfood Profile: Iron
Iron helps to regulate blood sugar which in turn regulates energy and mood; an essential part of managing depression. SPINACH

You can make the omelette without turning it into a roll and serve with beans for a nutritious kids’ lunch.

Serves 2 Kids

3 eggs
splash of milk
30g spinach
1 tsp minced garlic (or garlic paste)
45g cheese
1 flour tortilla wrap
20g butter
1/4 tsp salt
(ham optional)

  • Crack the eggs into a deep sized, small mixing bowl then splash over some milk and add the spinach, minced garlic and 1/4 tsp of salt.
  • Use a stick blender to whiz everything together. The spinach will turn the mixture green.
  • Melt the butter in a frying pan, the same size as the flour tortilla, on a medium high heat. Once the butter has melted use a brush to spread it over the whole pan then add the egg mixture, sprinkle over the cheese and leave to cook for 2 minutes.
  • Place the tortilla on top of the omelette and press down. Cook for another minute or so until the omelette comes away from the pan and you move it.
  • Flip the omelette over then cook for another minute (optional: place a couple of slices of ham onto the omelette) then remove from the pan to a chopping board. Roll the tortilla to create the egg roll then slice into portions.

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I'm the writer at One Tough Cooker. My experience with post-natal depression has shaped my appreciation for the family cook. We make thousands of meals to feed our families' tummies, hearts and minds.

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