4/20 Method for Perfect Chicken Breasts

I had such great feedback on the 4/20 method for cooking chicken breasts I thought it would be useful to have the method in its own recipe for reference. It’s such a useful way to cook chicken breasts to use in salads and broths or by itself with some veggies. This method means the chicken gets some colour but stays very moist which can be hard to achieve with chicken breasts. They have almost no fat in them so it’s really easy to overcook but this method keeps the moisture in and it’s almost idiot-proof. Click here to see recipes using 4/20 Chicken.

chicken breasts
vegetable oil

  • Get a small frying pan that has a lid then add the vegetable oil and heat to a high heat (I use my third highest setting).
  • Sprinkle the chicken breasts with salt on both sides then, once the pan is hot, place the chicken in breast side down in the pan.
  • Do not move the chicken for 4 minutes then turn the chicken breasts over, put the lid on and turn the heat way down to very low and set a timer for 20 minutes.
  • You get beautiful pan juices that can be added to gravy, sauces or dressings.┬áThis is the only way I cook whole chicken breasts because they come out flavourful and juicy every time.

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