Breakfast Trifle

I love breakfast and I love trifle so this dish was inevitable. If the kids spot leftover custard in the fridge they will ask for breakfast trifle. Paul once threw out some leftover custard and quickly realised it was an heretical act to a Yorkshire woman. In the days when people used to stay for the weekend it was a fun breakfast to make for lots of kids. I would put all the ingredients out on the table and let the kids build their own trifle.

Makes 4 Trifles
3 brioche rolls
12 tbsps cold custard
1 banana
8-10 strawberries
2 pots of fromage frais
squirty cream

  • Slice the brioche into rounds. Add a tablespoon of custard to the bottom of the glass then layer with brioche and repeat with another spoonful of custard, layer of bread and one last spoonful of custard.
  • Slice the banana and strawberries and add a layer of fruit on top of the custard. Add half a pot of fromage frais and spread over the fruit.
  • Repeat for the rest of the glasses then top each one off with some squirty cream. Grate over some dark chocolate if you’re feeling fancy.

Published by One Tough Cooker

I'm the writer at One Tough Cooker. My experience with post-natal depression has shaped my appreciation for the family cook. We make thousands of meals to feed our families' tummies, hearts and minds.

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