Hot Coconut Rum Eggnog

I always serve this drink in the mugs that Paul and I first drank it back in 2015 at the Vancouver German Christmas Market. I was very pregnant at the time so had the ironically named virgin option and Paul had the boozy one. For an extra $2 you could keep the mug. Five years later our $4 worth of mugs are 4000 miles away from that market but still serving up this delicious hot eggnog.

Superfood Profile: Eggs
Contain Omega-3 (DHA) and Selenium which improve physical brain health and stabilize mood.

Makes 500ml (about 4 small mugs)
150ml double cream
1 egg
200ml full fat coconut milk
200ml condensed milk
40-60ml of dark or spiced rum (depending on how boozy you want it)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
2 cloves

  • Make a double boiler (a glass bowl on top of a saucepan with an inch of boiling water in it: the water must not touch the bowl on top) on a medium high heat. You want a gentle roll of bubbles.
  • Once the water is bubbling, and the bowl is warm, tip the cream into the bowl then crack in the egg and whisk until the two are completely combined and smooth.
  • Whisk in the coconut milk until smooth.
  • Whisk in the condensed milk until combined then add the spices and warm until the mixture is 70°c (about 4 minutes) whisking frequently. The temperature ensures the egg is cooked.
  • Remove the cloves then serve in warmed mugs. If there are any leftovers chill them in the fridge to enjoy cold the next day.

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I'm the writer at One Tough Cooker. My experience with post-natal depression has shaped my appreciation for the family cook. We make thousands of meals to feed our families' tummies, hearts and minds.

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